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Honoring Relationships Through Charitable Giving

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the past few months of quarantine, it’s the importance of relationships. Heart-warming photos of grandparents inside their homes waving at grandchildren as they peeked through the windows permeated social media pages.

And then there were the heart-wrenching photos of COVID-19 patients lying in hospital beds, taking their last breaths with a nurse at the bedside. Family members—even spouses—remained home, unable to spend the last few moments with their loved one.

Yes, there is a silver lining in the dark cloud of this viral environment, and that’s the awakening we’ve experienced with regard to the important things in life.

This has been top of mind for me the last couple decades, and it’s one of the driving forces that created The Foundation Assisting Seniors. My founding partner, Chuck Davis, and I always thought seniors and veterans who want to remain in their homes, interacting frequently with family, friends, and neighbors, should be enabled to do so.

The reality, though, is that they need su

pport to make it happen. Mobility equipment is critical to help them move around their homes comfortably and safely. The Foundation’s durable medical equipment loan program plays a key role.

Family members, concerned about their parents or grandparents living alone, frequently turn to assisted living options to mitigate their worries. FAS provides an alternative with our HowRU™ program. Daily calls to the senior or veteran ensure their safety by quickly responding when a call goes unanswered. We help protect the relationship between children and parents by providing that peace of mind.

One other way we honor the importance of relationships is by memorializing them when they leave this earth. The Foundation provides this giving option. You can check our website to find the names of Foundation volunteers who have passed. Many of their friends and family members have given donations in memory of their dear friend or family member.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an important relationship for me, and that’s the one between The Foundation and our supporters. Your generosity through regular donations has sustained us. Those of you who volunteer are like family to us. Thank you.

I encourage you to reflect, as I have, about the important of relationships and find a way to honor those you care about through The Foundation Assisting Seniors.

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