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Durable Medical Equipment

We maintain and deliver an inventory of durable medical equipment for a short-term loan to seniors throughout the Southern Nevada Community. All equipment is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized with Microshield 360.

Ray Carvajal

Whether for you, a loved one or for a senior coming to visit, residents in the Las Vegas Area can request equipment for themselves or visiting relatives.


Durable medical equipment inventory includes items such as:

  • Canes and crutches

  • Walkers and wheelchairs

  • Portable oxygen concentrators 

  • Shower chairs

  • Commodes

  • Scooters, knee walkers

  • Hospital beds

  • Electric wheelchairs

  • Lift chairs, Hoyer lifts

  • Depends®️

  • Ensure®️

To request any of these items, please call us at (725) 244-4200 or email

*Non-refundable deposits may apply to certain equipment.

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