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Have you or someone you know ever wondered: “I'm a senior, living alone. Who will check on me every day?” 

The HowRU Program was created to give seniors living alone the assurance and peace of mind of a daily safety call. It is available to all seniors 50+, nationwide, and is free of charge.

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How Does It Work?


Subscriber receives a daily computer generated call at a designated time. 


Subscriber press 5 to confirm ok.

If call is unanswered, a second call is made 2 minutes later. 


If call is unanswered, a third call is made two minutes later. 


If the third call unanswered,  Subscribers emergency contact is called.


If no answer, we call 3-1-1- to send emergency responders to perform a welfare check.

Carol, Solera at Anthem 

“After becoming a widow, I was afraid to live on my own. What if I fall? Who would find me? The HowRU phone call every morning is like a friend calling to ask, “How are you today? Are you OK?” They call daily, bring a smile to my face and a sense of joy to my life.” 

Kay, Sun City Anthem 

“When I heard about this program, my first thought was that I really didn’t need it because my family lives here in Henderson and we talk on the phone every day. But my daughters agreed that it would give them greater peace of mind to know I was being monitored every morning. Now, after signing up, I think so too. As a single resident, HowRU is a valuable service for my family and me.”

  • What is the cost of the HowRU™ program?
    There is absolutely no cost for the HowRU™ program. The Foundation Assisting Seniors is able to offer this service to seniors for free due to donations, sponsorships and grants.
  • Who may use the HowRU™ program?
    The program is available to anyone over the age of 50 nationwide. Even if you’re not a user, you can register any senior, including your parents or grandparents.
  • Why should I choose HowRU™ over other popular medical alert systems?
    Though you cannot put a price on personal safety, some medical alert systems can cost more than $100 to set up with an additional $30 monthly fee for the service. HowRU™ provides the same peace of mind at no cost to the subscribers. With medical alert devices, the senior needs to remember to have it with them.
  • How can someone get into the property in case of an emergency?
    Entry into your home is very important if the 911 responders are called to check on you. You have two options to avoid them breaking down your door. Leave a key with a neighbor, and let us know who that person is. Purchase a Knox®️ Box from the fire department. Only they will have access to the Box.
  • May I suspend my services if I’m out of town?
    Yes, you have the flexibility to change or suspend your services by calling (725) 244-4200 or emailing the Foundation Assisting Seniors at

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