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Alternative Ways To Donate

Gifting is crucial to help The Foundation Assisting Seniors support this community with our mission. Gifts can occur while you are alive or as a legacy once you pass. Your gifting strategies may be revocable (changeable) or irrevocable. It’s always recommended that you work with your financial advisor, tax advisor or/and legal professional to determine an appropriate gifting strategy for you.

Cash or Check

Made payable to

The Foundation Assisting Seniors
Mail to:

The Foundation Assisting Seniors,

2518 Anthem Village Dr., Ste 102, Henderson, NV 89052

New or Used Equipment

The Foundation also accepts like-new or new durable medical equipment. Please contact us at (725) 244-4200 or
and provide a description of the item.

IMG_2001 2.jpeg

Appreciated Investments

Highly appreciated, held greater than 366 days
Call us at (725) 244-4200 for instructions


Donor Advised Fund Grants

Check with your financial advisor

Life Insurance

Check with your financial advisor

Insurance Agent

Transfer on Death [TOD]

Applies to bank or brokerage accounts; Check with your financial advisor

Trusts or Wills

Name the Foundation Assisting Seniors as a beneficiary
Consult with your legal professional to update your documents

Charitable Remainder Trusts [CRT]

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust [CRAT] or Charitable
Remainder Unitrust [CRUT]


Check with your financial advisor

Charitable Lead Trusts [CLT]

Charitable Lead Annuity Trust [CLAT] or Charitable Lead Unitrust [CLUT] – check with your financial advisor


Qualified IRA Distribution

Potentially tax free
Minimum distributions required for those over 70 1/2
Dollar amount limits that can be considered tax-free distribution.
Qualified Charitable Distributions can only occur after turning 70 1/2, not the year turning 70 1/2.
Donation must be taken directly out of an IRA, not another type of account.
Check with your financial advisor or tax advisor.


Contact us if you have questions or are in need of assistance at (725)244-4200 or

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