The Foundation Assisting Seniors provides the following services in the Las Vegas area at no cost:


  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Home Maintenance, limited

  • Transportation, limited        

Services are provided through volunteers, trustees, associates and affiliated service groups.


Durable Medical Equipment

We maintain and deliver an inventory of durable medical equipment for short-term loan to seniors throughout the southern Nevada community. All equipment is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized with Microshield 360.

Have a senior coming to visit? Residents to the Las Vegas area can also request equipment for visiting relatives.

Durable medical equipment inventory includes items such as:

  • Canes and crutches

  • Walkers and wheelchairs

  • Portable oxygen concentrators 

  • Shower chairs

  • Commodes

  • Scooters, knee walkers

  • Hospital beds

  • Electric wheelchairs

  • Lift chairs, Hoyer lifts

  • Depends®️

  • Ensure®️

To request any of these items, please call us at (725) 244-4200 or email FASsca@coxbusiness.net.


Home Maintenance 

Our volunteers provide minor home maintenance services for those unable to safely perform them. ​

Don’t risk injury climbing a ladder or lifting heavy items.
We’re happy to help!

To request home maintenance services,
please call us at (725) 244-4200.

*Not available in all areas of the Las Vegas Valley.




  • Replacing overhead light bulbs

  • Replacing or cleaning heating ventilation and air conditioning (HAVC) filters. (owner to furnish the filters)

  • Replacing smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide detector batteries (owner provides batteries)

  • Adding salt to water softeners

  • Lubricating garage doors

Our transportation committee is available to drive seniors to and from health service appointments or to the grocery store in the Las Vegas area. Our volunteer drivers pride themselves on safety, top-notch service and compassionate care to help you arrive at your destination and back to your home with ease.

To request transportation services, please call us at (725) 244-4200.

*Available in limited areas. Call 725.244.4200 for more information.