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Celebrate a Senior

The Foundation Assisting Seniors makes it easy to show appreciation and honor seniors who are making contributions to their community during the golden years. 

Show Your Appreciation

Seniors play an important role in all our lives. Think about the grandparents who drop everything to take care of their grandkids or the friendly neighbor who watches your house while you’re out of town. Let us not forget the senior security guard at your office building or the folks who greet you with a smile at the library.

The Foundation Assisting Seniors makes it easy for you to show you appreciate and honor those who are spending their golden years taking care of the rest of us. Simply make a donation to FAS in their name and we will help you honor them and show appreciation for all the wonderful ways in which they support others in their community. 

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The honoree will receive a certificate letting them know they’ve been honored.

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$100 or more

The honoree will receive a hand-painted tile with their name and that of the donor. A second tile will be placed on the Celebrate Wall in FAS offices in Henderson, NV.

Celebrate a Senior Form

Submit Your Honoree & Donation

Show Your Appreciation!


Thank you for donation and for honoring a senior!

Celebrate a Senior
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