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Celebrate a Senior ™

Celebrate A Senior

Seniors play an important role in all our lives. Think about the grandparents who drop everything to take care of their homebound grandkids, or the friendly neighbor who watches your house while you’re out of town. Then there’s the senior security guard at your office building or the one who greets you with a smile at the library.

The Foundation Assisting Seniors makes it easy for you to show you appreciate and honor those who are spending their golden years taking care of the rest of us.

Make a donation to FAS in their name. For donations of $25-99, they will receive a certificate letting them know they’ve been honored.




For $100 donations and more, the honoree will receive a hand-painted tile with their name and that of the donor. A second tile will be placed on the Celebrate Wall in FAS offices in Henderson, NV.

Fill out this form and email it with your check to or mail it to 2518 Anthem Village Drive, #102, Henderson, NV 89052. Or fill it out online here and make your donation here. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Nevada Senior Citizen of The Year 2021

Mission: To recognize and honor one Senior Citizen each year for his/her significant contribution made at the local and/or state level specifically in support of Senior Citizens of Nevada.

Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year Qualifications and Guidelines:

1. The nominee must be a resident of the State of Nevada for a minimum of 5 years.

2. The nominee must be 65 years of age or older as of December 31, 2021.

3. Finalists will be selected for significant contributions made at the local and/or, state level and by excellence achieved through going above and beyond the call of duty, specifically with respect to volunteer work in support of Senior Citizens of the State of Nevada.


4. In addition to the nomination form, please provide a written summary of the significant accomplishments of the nominee, including dates and appropriate documents and testimonials to support the nomination. Please provide a recent photo (head shot) of the candidate. (A digital photo should be sent to the email address below.)


5. Nominations will be evaluated on the scope and impact of a nominee’s achievements and the extent to which the nominee’s efforts benefit(ed) and provide(d) inspiration to the senior community and other Senior Citizens.


6. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Chairman of Foundation Assisting Seniors, the Senior Senator of the Nevada Delegation of the National Silver Haired Congress, the previous winners, and such other seniors as may be appointed by the committee.


7. Three finalists will be selected. Subsequently the winner will be chosen by secret ballot cast by the committee members. The envelope to be opened and the winner announced at the FAS annual gala.


8. Questions may be addressed to Favil West at: or by telephone at 725-244-4200


Nominations for the year must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2021 and emailed to the address above, or mailed to:

Favil West, Chairman

The Foundation Assisting Seniors
2518 Anthem Village Dr Suite 102

Henderson, NV 89052



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This award honors a person who has contributed the most in service and time in their community. Each year the affiliate communities nominate one person who fits the description, and the executive board of trustees then decides who will be awarded the “Person of the Year”.